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Razer raiju ultimate aim

  • 3 January 2019
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I just got a razer raiju ultimate a couple of days ago.
I’ve experienced some drift issues but not too major. However, moving from the standard ds4 to this controller, I feel like my aim is disgusting (I only play fornite).
Is this normal with the so called “learning curve”, I have around 10-13 hours of gameplay with the controller.
I’m not even using the paddles at the back as I’m just trying to get used to the controller, but honestly my aim is just horrible with it. It doesn’t feel as smooth as the normal ps4 controller.

Do I just need more time to adjust or do people usually get the hang of it pretty quick?
By disgusting aim I mean I would consistently get the cross hair on the enemy on fornite but now I feel like it goes left and right way too much, as if I’ve just started the game 😕.

Sorry if it’s a long post but any advice would be appreciated

Thank you 😃

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4 Replies

There is a drift issue with the Tournament Edition so you will keep drifting to the right making it very hard to hit your shots (ps4 tournament). Also have a Razer Wolverine on PC that works fine and no drifting problems. Remember to enable aim assist on ps4 in settings
Do you have deadzone on right stick?
Mine is drifting to the right and has deadzone when I start to move it to the left.
It is very annoying and breaks aim 😕
Yeah, there was a thread with the tip to blow air into the stick. It works for a while for me but not a permanent fix. So when the drifting start I just blow into the stick (know sounds odd...) and the drift stops and you are able to stand still and aim.
I just got the razer raiju tournament edition yesterday. I play black ops 4 and first game on with the new controller there was a terrible drift to the point where I couldnt play. I kept playing and it randomly went away (I dont know how) but then I noticed my aim still sucked because the sticks definitely seemed different from the dualshock4. I lowered the sensitivity from 10 (which is what I use with the dualshocks) to 7 and went into private match against recruit bots and I got used to the joysticks within a day. Its about 2 days later and im pretty used to the new sticks.

Moral of the story its probably the drift thats effecting your aim. But if you fix the drift keep practicing you will get used to the switch. If you play fortnite I recommend going into creative and looking up an aiming practice course on youtube and running through the course on fortnite creative until you feel comfortable.