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Razer Raion new updated version?

  • 21 March 2023
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Where do I find the new updated version of this product? I've just bought the official controller at full price but I've received the older version with no pivot in the middle of the D-pad. 

If the official website doesn't sell this new updated product, where can I find it?


1 Reply

I think Razer would be well served to release an updated Raion for PS5, sharing the absolutely gorgeous, clicky, microswitch, 8-way floating D-Pad from the Wolverine V2 Pro, it’s wired&low-latency-wireless connectivity, but without many of the other features.  And obviously with it offered in the white/black stormtrooper PS5/switch OLED color way.

Especially since Capcom, SNK, and others are about to release quite a few more retro collections for PS5/switch/etc over the next few years.