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Razer Thresher With Series X

  • 19 November 2020
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My Razer Tresher doesnt works with my XBox Series X. Can anyone help me?


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Did you get it working? What model Thresher do you have? My Razer Thresher ultimate works with no issues.
I have a Razer Thresher Xbox One model and I got it to work by re-pairing it on the Xbox Series X. It did not auto pair for me 😞
I have only a Razer Threaher, not Ultimate. Please can you explain how i re-pairing the headset?
At the first time i push the button on the Series X ans than the button on the headset.
There seems to be a lot of issues with Thresher for Xbox and Series X | S, despite what Razer is saying.
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I have a Razer Thresher Xbox One model and I got it to work by re-pairing it on the Xbox Series X. It did not auto pair for me :slightly_sad:

I also have Razer Thresher, used it on One X and now I use it in Series X and it works great.
To sync, press the Series X connect button (near the front USB) and, with the headset in power off state, press and hold the Power Button until the headset Razer logo start blinking rapidly and release the button. Wait until logo becomes static green to notify that is paired.
Manual link:
THRESHER (razerzone.com)
In my case, un-pairing and pairing back the headset with the console multiple times didn't work.
My Series X stills turns back on after shutting off, with the controller not working, if I used the headset in the previous session.
Or if it doesn't turn back on, the controller is not working until I do a hard reset.
Or if all is working one time, next time it isn't.
Basically, there's something wrong between wireless headsets (Steelseries Arctis 9x for example) and the new series X | S - it's even listed in the series X | S known issues pages on the microsoft support site.
I don't know if it's Microsoft's fault, or vendors' fault. But I know Steelseries issued a firmware update for their Arctis 9x that solved the problem. Razer still says that the Thresher for Xbox is fully compatible with the new consoles, but after partially acknowledging the problem (it took three replies from the customer support) left me without any ETA for a fix.
I think it's a Series X issue that should be addressed in a future update.
I had two problems that disabled control or headset and solved as follows without having to restart the console:

1. Series X powered on by TV
When power on the TV and the TV automatically turn on Xbox Series X the controller and wireless headset doesn't connect but can use the remote control of the TV at Xbox.
To resolve the bug I programmed Xbox to Turn on the TV and disable the oposite:
General > Settings > TV and video options > device control > Console activates other devices and console

2. Controller doesn't connect after use wireless at last session
I turn on the Xbox via the controller but the controller doesn't command anything else. To solve, I turn on the headset and the controller starts working well after the headset is paired. A few times it was necessary to remove and re-put the battery of the controller.
yeah, another partial workaround is to use a second controller when the first one doesn't work.
Or do an hard reset.

Anyway, the point is this is just not how a wireless headset that should be "forward compatible with the new xbox" (this is what razer says almost everywhere, including here: https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3566/) is supposed to work.

Nor I'm so sure it's only up to Microsoft to fix it, if SteelSeries solved it with a firmware update for their headset.

I gave up playing the game of finding the right sequence to make it work and deciced to use my old WIRED HyperX Cloud II headset. At least, it just works.