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Wolverine Ultimate - Are the extra buttons mappable to keyboard shortcuts?

  • 13 May 2020
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I've been coveting the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller for my Steam/PC gaming. The only thing stopping me have been some harsh reviews on Amazon stating that the Wolverine can only map other buttons to the additional M1-M6 buttons. In several Steam (PC) games I own, I prefer to map the extra buttons on the Steam Controller to keyboard shortcuts, rather than to buttons I can already reach.

Is it true that the mapping of the additional buttons on the Wolverine Ultimate are limited to direct mapping of other buttons on the controller?

Also, are there any "gotchas" for using the Wolverine Ultimate exclusively on a PC? We don't even own an Xbox gaming console.


- Dave

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FWIW, I also found two aftermarket solutions for controller → keyboard mapping:

I just don't know if they support the Wolverine's extra M1-M6 buttons natively.

- Dave
I just got the Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition which I think behaves identically to the "Ultimate" Edition when ignoring the obvious things like the extra buttons.

I made the grave mistake to not check online reviews thoroughly which I'm regretting now, I think im going to return it tomorrow.

Its exactly like you said: You CAN NOT remap the buttons to anything but the existing buttons or the "Focus" / "Agile" functions, which seem to be only useful to console shooter players.

I don't really get why anyone would like to have the same buttons multiple times, but at least I don't.

The next thing to know is that you need the Windows Store Razer Wolverine App. Yes, it's not supported by the "normal" Synapse at all (if you have other Razer peripherals), and you can't sync it with other Chroma supported peripherals neither.
Source: App https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/razer-wolverine-for-xbox/9nsxxh05pfrq?activetab=pivot😲verviewtab, FaQ: https://support.razer.com/console/razer-wolverine-ultimate/

And by the way, the App review stating the app can only be controlled using the controller and not the mouse is still valid from my experience.

And because you posted rewasd:

It seems like it is simply not possible to tell "Normal" buttons from "remapped" ones.


In my eyes, this is just straight up false advertising. On my box it says ridiculous stuff like:

"Customize to Conquer" and "Two additional multi function bumpers" and "can be adapted to suit your individual needs". Yeah fine, if I wanted to have 4 "A" Buttons all my dreams can come true...

Honestly, I feel like every time I buy Razer products I'm somehow disappointed in the end.

It started with keyswitches not working anymore on my Blackwidow TE, then the issue with color profiles on the Huntsman on other OS, and now this.

Thanks for the quick and thorough reply, @techBurntUmberweb507 . I really, really appreciate you helping me avoid a fairly expensive mistake. I just deleted the Wolverine Ultimate from my Amazon wish list.

I'll be saving my pennies for an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller instead.

- Dave