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[GIVEAWAY] Insider Supply Drop #3

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Insiders, welcome to the third Insider Supply Drop!

First of all I want to apologize to all my fellow Insiders for neglecting the Supply Drop. Due to COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders I'm away from my vault of goods at the office and don't have access to all the goodies to give away nor a way to ship them. However! I have managed to get this bad boy and even managed a way to get it shipped out so let's get to lucky #3!

About Insider Supply Drop

Often times here in the office I come across items that have no home, have been out of production or items that have been returned for whatever reason and are in great working condition. Every so often, I manage to procure these items and what better way to make use of these products that have no home than to give them one.

However, there are a few conditions.

  • These items are given away as-is and there will be no support for them. Please bear in mind that many of these items may be "new" as in "unused" or "unopened" but may be outdated and "out-of-production." Many of the items are "returned items" and have been "used" and/or "opened." Lastly, many of these items are "used," are "loose" and "out-of-the-box" items that still function as originally intended, which also means they may suffer from "wear-and-tear" and/or "cosmetic defects."
  • We will absolutely not sell these items.
  • There will be times where the giveaway recipient is ineligible to receive the item due to their country of residence. This is a legal thing and it's out of my hands. These items are being shipped from here in Irvine.
  • Recipients of the Supply Drop will be chosen at random.
  • Check back often to see what we're giving away. I give them away as I get them.
  • Winners will be notified by Insider direct message. Winners will have seven (7) days to respond to the message and after seven (7) days of the message being sent the prize will be forfeit and reintroduced into the prize pool for future giveaway.

No purchase necessary. To play, simply reply to the thread! Terms and Conditions apply unless otherwise stated above.

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I could use that;)...Hello
Could do with some good luck. Fingers crossed
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Could do with some good luck. Fingers crossed

As the last person who commented, you might get lucky!