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[LOOT] Crowfall Closed Beta - Crowfall HungerDome Arena

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omgosh looks like our kinda game. gonna see if my friends are on board too!! hypee

Always the same problem, I feel you bud!
Exicited alot!
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Why not give it a try
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omgosh looks like our kinda game. gonna see if my friends are on board too!! hypee
I need to start playing
Love this one. I want this
Looks awesome~
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Awesome, will give it a go.
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If anyone is having problems redeeming their code, participate in any of the redemption options and it'll automatically pop up. Redeem here.

Don't forget to join the beta!
this looks pretty fun!!!

Seems good
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How different is this game from World of Warcraft or The Old Republic or other mainstream MMORPG's? How do they differ? What would make one more appealing than another, outside of personal preference of techno-dystopian future vs. a high-fantasy setting?
thanks gonna give it a try
lol maybe just a little
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Gamers!! Crowfall gamers go grab your RAZER loot!

Hello friends,

OMG, I see a Sigil rune of power to protect your Asus screen and mark your property !!! o_O
Surely a powerful magical ancestral from New Zealand. 😊

(I imagine all your stuff with a post-it marked Sye-The-Vie in your house. Car, refrigerator, oven ... :D)

Insiders! We have teamed up with the great folks at Crowfall to give you access to their closed beta - a throne war arena where only one team survives. Redeem your key now and join the battle to receive an exclusive Razer Serpent Sigil that comes equipped with a bonus stat! https://gleam.io/aFcda/crowfall-beta-key-giveaway

And if you're already playing, you can prove your worth by joining the Eternal Champion Series where you can win up to $50,000 in gear and cash. The series will take place from May 1st - May 30th. Sign-up to enter here: https://crowfall.com/eternalchampions

How do I get beta code
Sounds fun
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Looks good, got the key and i'm gonna try it out.
What is it like?
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not interested
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revoked after released?
stuff like this is why Razer is the best
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i think i need to play this for this promo...