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[24 HR GIVEAWAY] Ask Your Most Entertaining Question

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We're doing a flash giveaway!

All you have to do is ask on the thread, your most entertaining question you've always wanted to ask Razer.

A winner will be chosen at random to win a Viper Ultimate signed by Min himself.

This giveaway will only last for 24 hours, so hit that reply button and get askin'!

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Hm, let's try:

Which peripheral device pissed off Min the most, so that he decided to start Razer company?
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have you ever considered a RAZER SCOOTER ... tee hee
have you ever thought about making an rgb chair? and how did your brand come to mind?
Still no one answer me, when Razer release Razer Soundboard?
Which product do you think Razer really outdone itself on?
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Who is responsible for the sudden revival of Razer? Something in the design department must have changed for you guys to come back swinging so hard wiping out the entire competition.
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How has Min managed to keep his passion for gaming alive for so long? I mean i'm only 25 years old and I feel like my love for gaming is decreasing every single day.
- Wann kommen die Respawn Produkte nach Deutschland?
- Bringt Razer vielleicht das Hover Board aus "Back to the Future" endlich raus?
- Bringt Razer jemals wieder "Wearble Produkte" wie eine Smartwatch auf den Markt?

- When will the Respawn products come to Germany?
- Maybe Razer will finally get the hover board out of "Back to the Future"?
- Will Razer ever bring "Wearble Products" to the market like a smartwatch?
I'm holding out for a six-blade razor so I can shave my face in one swipe.
.. is your design team considering making that happen?
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Will we ever see one of the projects / concepts ever come to life (Project Valerie, Project Ariana, Project Linda)?

Good luck everyone!
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Y'know, in all my time here, I've had only one really burning question.

How many slices will the Razer Toaster support?
do you like jazz and how many toasts per second can the Razer Toaster make?
Whats the rate on the amount of toast per minute from the Razer Toaster?
What would happen if we had a gaming setup underwater, as you, yourself are underwater?
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So of course Sir Min is my favourite CEO (with Gary Vaynerchuck of VaynerMedia coming a close second). This question is for all Razer employees, though.

If Min DID, in fact, drop all prospective candidates onto an island to battle it out Battle-Royale-style with the winner becoming the next acting CEO of Razer, and all of said candidates were current Razer employees ... who would come out on top?

Bonus question: knowing the personality/likes/dislikes of the winner for Razer's next CEO, what would be the first new Razer item that the new CEO would be pushing for the company to manufacture?

Flipside to the bonus question: what item would the new CEO immediately pull from all sales platforms?
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Are the rumors true?
Are the rumors true?

I've heard that some of them are, indeed 😉
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Which game made you realize you needed Razer gear?
How is Razer doing vs. market competition (phone segment, peripherals segment)?
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Does Min have a RGB enabled house ? :smile_:
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Do all Razer employees have full Razer setups for their work PC's or just the normal mouse/keyboard that comes with workstations?
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When will Razer make PC parts (mobo, RAM, CPU cooler, ...) so we can make an outstanding Chroma rig ?
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Do Razer staff not fear snakes? 🐍🐍🐍
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Have you considered holiday flavors for Respawn? Things like candy cane / peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin spice, etc.. or perhaps more savory flavors like GRAVY!
I'm glad I decided, out of all days, to look at razer insider today because I actually have been looking to try to contact you guys somehow about this.

Currently i'm working on creating and designing my own gaming mouse for my senior project at school, and I have no experience making external hardware whats-soever. So my question for you guys is this:
What is the general process you guys go through when creating/designing your own gaming mice and are there any tips or recommendations you guys have for me when i'm creating my own?