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330W and 280W adapter compatibility with Blade 17 2021

  • 11 July 2023
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Hi everyone,


I’m looking to buy a new power adapter for my 2021 Razor Blade 17 (RZ09-0406CE63-R3U1) because I suspect my current 230W adaptor is the culprit of my laptop intermittently switching between charging and not charging.


I have read online that it is ok to use adaptors rated for a higher wattage since it only supplies as much power as the laptop needs. Because the 230W adapter runs pretty hot all the time and there are a lot of complaints regarding it on the internet, I’m looking at the 280W and 330W adapters as possible alternatives.


The store site does not list my model as compatible (Blade 16 and 18 for the 330W, and 15 and 17 from 2022 for the 280W, hell the 230W also says 17 from 2018 instead of 2021), but I still wonder if I can use them on my model of laptop. Is the charging tip differently shaped? Would there be any software or technical issues? Also, if there are any common and known issues with the adapters, please do share. I keep on buying things and finding out later that they are defective.

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