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4k monitors

  • 25 April 2022
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dear razer, please start producing 4k monitors. 1440p is garbage, k? thanks, bye! ❤

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2 Replies

In my recent study about the new upcoming technologies. I saw somewhere that the razer are going to launch the 4k monitors very soon. We are also waiting for 4k monitor of razors. And I am pretty sure that they will capture the whole market if they launched it as soon as possible.
thanks for the heads up! that's very exciting indeed, i've been wanting to get a new 4k razer blade 15 and use it with 1 or 2 external 4k monitors. two problems arise with this desired setup though; 1. razer only makes a 1440p monitor. 2. in order to run dual 4k monitors and still be capable of high end gaming, 2x thunderbolt connections would be necessary.

one for a connection to the egpu to run both monitors, and another to connect to the razer dock in order to connect all desired peripherals. unfortunately, (to my knowledge) only the razer blade pros have 2x thunderbolt connections, whereas the blade 15's only have one.