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DeathAdder V2 X is a US throw away hardware

  • 3 January 2024
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OK guys,


I was a long time consumer of razer products with keyboard, mouse (Mamba) and Headset from razer. I switched to logitech because my razer headset broke into two after 2 years of usage and the Mamba also did double clicks right away when simply clicking just once, and as I wanted all stuff from one manufactorer and a friend suggested logitech I bought them. My mouse sensor failed after 4 years and my dealer said it would take 2-4 weeks until I get a repaired one. So I bought the DeathAdder V2 X wireless as I still believed in the quality of razer. Well not the premium one but with gamers advertising it as beeing good. But the reality kicked in really soon. We in germany say “How could US companies do it very cheap and also look it cheap and crappy” and this is the point.

  • I can click anywhere and the mechanical click is not the software mouse click. I have to smash the button really
  • the scroll wheel is going crazy sometimes just scrolling up and down like it things to do so when I even haven’t a finger on this
  • the plastic feels cheap
  • battery usage is insane at full DPI
  • sometimes the mouse sensor feels like it’s time to bring in some movement and do a 180° turn in FPS. Wow.

So as a conclusion. As long as razer is not getting out some quality products lasting at least 3 years for the amount of money I won’t use razer anymore especially because I was affected by the razer software bug where some dumb devs copied a stackoverflow source into the software because they didn’t know how to program it correctly.


I just registered to the forums to let everybody know. The extra money invested in premium products like Corsair, danish Steelseries or switzerland Logitech is worth the whole money. I would spend more money when I receive better quality. But this is melking the customers. Sorry.

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