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Do not buy the Razer Turret for Xbox and PC

  • 18 October 2019
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That's right! I wouldn't buy the Razer Turret for Xbox and PC, or any other Razer product after this disaster of a purchase. So, lets get to it and start at the beginning with my excitement over this product.

I've been an avid console player over the last couple of years. Favoring my Xbox and PS4 over my aging gaming rig because it was just easier to game on a console. I became tired of the relentless driver/os updates for EVERY single new game that was released. And the other hassle's of maintaining a PC at peak performance. I could come home and turn on my console's and enjoy my games with only a few updates sprinkled here and there. But over the years I began to miss my keyboard and mouse while playing FPS games. And missed playing my favorite RTS games as well.

Queue up Microsoft's announcement on officially supporting keyboard and mouse on the Xbox and the desire for it grew. Then the promotion pushed by Microsoft and Razer that the Turret was the ultimate couch gamers setup and I just had to have one. But, we can all agree the games at launch with support was pretty pathetic. Warframe was the only one that really interested me. But I couldn't justify spending $250 dollars on the Turret for just one game. So I waited for more games and support and nothing really new has transpired on that front since launch.

But, DAMN was this keyboard and mouse combo sexy. It has a magnetic mouse pad built in! It was exactly what I needed for gaming from my couch. So with the release of the new Ryzen processors I built a gaming rig with this combo and the Razer version the Lian Li 011 Dynamic pc case. Because you know, RGB makes your pc case go faster. And after putting together all the shiny new bits into a computer, it all started with the
Windows 10 installation.

Both the keyboard and mouse suffered from serious lag during the install of Windows 10. To the point it was unusable. Had to use my Microsoft Wireless Comfort 5050 combo set to install windows. But I thought to myself has to be a software issue. Or driver related as my USB install setup didn't have any of the drivers. After setting up all other system drivers and windows updates I installed Synapse 3 Beta to setup and configure both the Turret and the Lian Li case. And I though it was weird to install clearly marked beta software for my released hardware. And it was exactly that. Beta software. While the Turret was now usable it still suffered from periodic lag. Sometimes I couldn't type my pin for windows log in. It just wouldn't recognize keystrokes. Or it would recognize a keystroke but it would appear to be continually pressed creating a long string of characters. And even trying to backspace that would result in missed keystrokes. I tried all sorts of things to resolve it. Moved from rear to front to rear USB ports. Disabled my wireless internet. Constantly checked for software updates. It's beta software right? So they must push frequent updates. But nothing worked. So I emailed Razer support and eventually got ….. NO RESPONSE!

Then the RGB lighting quit working for the Turret. Still works just fine for the pc case. It would have the effect that different lighting profiles were fighting. It only happened in wireless mode. I set it up to just have a static color(blue). It would light up as the static color I chose. Then slowing change color as if it was in it's default rainbow pattern state. Then abruptly change back to my static color. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Synapse software didn't help anything. And eventually thought of googling for firmware drivers and found the updater. Updated the firmware and that fix the lighting issue. But did NOT fix the apparent lag in wireless mode. And other weird software glitches would happen like one or the other device not showing up in Synapse and requiring either a reboot of device or computer.

So fed up with the product I returned it to my local Microsoft store and exchanged it for a new one. Maybe just maybe I received a lemon. But nope. The hardware Gods said No. And I received a new Turret combo with the exact same problems describe above. With the added bonus that when I tried to update the firmware for the new set the computer would not recognize the mouse as being plugged in or charging. So I couldn't update the firmware and once the battery ran out I would not be able to charge it. Back to the Microsoft store. And I was told this time they would exchange it, but any further problems would have to be handled through Razer support. And since they gave me the cold shoulder I promptly asked for my full refund.

Stay away from this product. For $250 dollars you should receive a completely finish and tested product. You shouldn't receive beta hardware or software for a premium price. I really wanted this to work out. But I just can't believe that even after 6 months of being released they still can't fix or bother to even reach out to their customers. If it wasn't for Microsoft stores return policy I would be stuck with a $250 dollar brick of plastic. So hat's off to you Microsoft for taken care of your customer. And to Razer, well I will not be buying ANY of your future products. And nobody in my circle of influence will after they've seen the hassle I've been through. Releasing beta software for your unfinished products. You're better then that!

Queue generic support response next.

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