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Experiences with warranty outside of US?

I have been away from the PC world for over 12 years now, but looking at the new MacBook pros I decided it to come back to my roots ( Windows + Linux ).

From my research, the Razer Blade is the closest you can get in terms of build quality, goes without saying the SPECS from RB are far higher than MacBook pros, which is a huge plus, so I'm very excited about the performance of the laptop.

What is worrying me a bit is the fact that Apple has "Apple Care" and that's a worldwide warranty, which means it does not matter which country my laptop breaks they will be able to take care of it, it has happened to me before that my MacBook broke while I was working abroad and Apple have fixed it during my trip.

Currently, I'm finding a bit hard to establish communication with Razer as every time I send them an email it takes days and days for them to reply and also it's not clear to me if their warranty is world-wide.

If my computer breaks in London ( where I Live ) or in Europe ( where I travel often ) will I have to ship it to another country? How long does it take normally for them to fix the issues?

I would appreciate any reports from end-users and perhaps some clarifications from the admins who have previous experiences in this regard.

Thank You

Great I found a thread on the Support Forum about supporting EU customers, although I did not find that on the website.

Would be great to hear from other users how they experience was when they needed such support.

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