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Haptic Headphones for movies and games

  • 24 March 2022
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I see some having "good" or "excellent" bass, but I want the haptic experience, mostly for movies and yes also for games, but only as a second priority.
Does Razer have any haptic headphones to begin with?
Surround sound isn't necessary since this has got to be supported by the game, so stereo will do.
I also prefer wired over wireless.
Sorry if it's a newbie question but I don't see any search option.
Another note: I had a Skullcandy Crusher wireless haptic one but it died pretty quickly.


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5 Replies

I use the skull candy crusher evos for gaming/music and movies I like them so far I use the "Creative Bluetooth dongle" I got off amazon to hook them up to my ps5. But works on normal Bluetooth with PC and Nintendo switch and phones. All of which I tested, so i assume xbox would work too as long as you get a dongle, anyway they work good for what they are. If you like bass..

Edit: Skull candy crusher evo headphones are not a gaming headset they are headphones. So don't expect them to sound great with fps games like call of duty. But in my opinion they sound really good for single player games I feel so much more emerged into the games with them vs using my other headsets. But that's just my opinion.
I don't play MP games so that's not a problem. One day I watched the movie Alita:Battle Angel in 3D with my Woojer Vest but without haptic headphones and it just blew me away. So I think movies like eg the Rambo series would be awesome, even without 3D. Playing Blair Witch was pretty cool too (Yeah I couldn't wait and already bought the Evo's). This whole haptic experience lends itself perfectly for action and sci-fi movies. Can't wait to watch SPL2 or any other Asian martial arts flicks. I'm just a little disappointed they decided to drop 3D support with 8K tv's.
I use the skull candy crusher evos for gaming/music and movies I like
I use the skull candy crusher evos for gaming/music and movies I like

Yeah I also prefer head phones that have a wider range of use instead of only games. Especially action and sci-fi movies are amazing with it. Horror (my no1 genre) is a bit less because there's always these "up-and-down"/calm moments. Jumpscares are fun though. 🙂
And games ala Doom/Serious Sam/Cyberpunk 2077 (and most war games) are kickass I'm sure (have only tried Blair Witch though).
I also have a haptic vest so Cyberpunk gun fights will be intense. :D
The ultimate imo would be watching a 3D blu-ray with head phones and vest. I saw Alita: Battle Angel (why did it tank???) without head phones but in 3D and the with vest ... just crazy. I'm sad the TV industry has dropped 4K/8K 3D support though. :(
I don't really use it for music since you can seriously mess with the bass so it's not really how the musician intended their song to be.
I also love to best headphones while playing games. But when it comes to choosing the best headphones, I always confuse myself about which one chooses. Because there are bundles of the best headphones on the market.