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How to properly connect many chroma enabled devices?

  • 11 February 2023
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hey guys,

as the title suggests, I have a lot of razer stuff plugged into my pc.

so much so, that i only have 1 usb slot spare. that however, isnt the issue.

the issue is that it seems having so many plugged in at once causes others to glitch out.

I have everything running on the standard wave effect in synapse. but my mouse bungee and firefly v2 (and possibly my kraken ultimate im not sure) tend to just pause on occasion... as in the lights will just hang one whatever colours they are at the time for a few seconds, then resume as normal.

this again didnt bother me so much, until my gf began using my pc for hogwarts legacy which has chroma integration. thats when it became very obvious that not everything is functioning correctly.

iv already tried cable managing in such a way that the most "power hungry" devices have the fastest usb slots.

my huntsman elite and nommos are both plugged into usb 3 slots and the firefly and bungee into usb 2 slots.

i cant have everything in usb 3 slots i dont have enough. not sure what else i could do to solve it

i had an issue in the past which caused me to change where everything was plugged in as mentioned above, where my lighting was working, but certain devices were "lagging" and not transitioning correctly between colours, as i say, changing things around at the back of the pc seemed to solve this. but now we this new issue.

sorry for the long post, its been a struggle to get this stuff working properly.

any help would be appreciated.

thanks guys

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