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Huntsman Analog V2 - Some questions!

  • 8 October 2021
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1.Layout Problem

I want to buy some razer huntsman v2 Analog but my layout dosent exist. I'm from Portugal and my Layout is PT , my layout is always portuguese but huntsman v2 analog doesn't have this layout, i know i will probably leave the keys to change the keyboard but if i buy a US layout and change the computer language i assume that as is the ornata that you change the language and you can still write with portugueseaccents and Ç
or there is no possibility to use the keyboard in Portuguese even without the keycaps?

2. Will the switches be modifiable?

Keyboards like blackwidow we can always change the switches, will it be possible to do the same with huntsman?

Thank you !
I hope i can get the right help , i want to buy the keyboard today

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