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I had an issue with my Razer Barracuda and my PS5

  • 21 December 2023
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I’ve just bought a pair of Barracudas Everything was perfect for like 1 day, then they just didn’t connect to my PS5 (using the USB-C dongle). I’m sure there’s a bug because the barracudas turned off automatically every time I tried to connect them to the console using the dongle… I searched some people with the same problem and I realized that a lot of us just hate the Barracuda connectivity. To fix it all I made was Settings > Sound > Audio Output > Turn Off “Switch Output Device Automatically”, and that’s all. Now everytime i turn on the PS5 I’ve to connect them manually… But that really solved my problem with the headphones. 

1 Reply

When I saw this I decided to try it out to see if it would work, because I have this issue. I tried it and it was about to work but then it said that this device is unsupported and after that it started turning off by itself afterwards. And I will say that I am trying to use bluetooth and not the 2.4. Any other solutions?