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Insider House Cleaning

  • 15 January 2019
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As we enter a new year we're going to be looking to do a bit of house cleaning around Insider. Over the years we've grown into a great community and we're looking forward to bigger and better things and in order to make room for the bigger and better things, we'll be removing the less relevant things that are still hanging around here on Insider.

Some of those items will be irrelevant achievements that either no longer work or are unavailable. We wanted to put that out there just in case you notice it missing one day and wonder what happened. For example, some products like apparel will no longer require registration, therefore the associated achievement will become irrelevant. With new ways to earn silver, we felt that losing these achievements have little to no impact on your overall experience and we appreciate your understanding.

There will be a lot of little changes here and there so we wanted to make sure no one got alarmed if they found a few things missing or out of place. Ultimately, we're looking to create a greater Razer experience for you on Insider, so we hope you stick around.


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