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My V2 x Hyperspeed dongle issue

  • 1 May 2024
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This issue started while I play games on my laptop I get windows connect and disconnect sound repeatedly

at that time issue will over when I close the game and let my laptop cool down. I tought it was a driver issue or my dongle was overheating. After a couple weeks (and this scenario repeated several times) my mouse stopped pairing with my dongle and I try everything changing the battery, updating software, using razer's dongle software to re pair to the dongle nothing is working. Bluetooth mode still works mouse is completely fine but when I plug the dongle, it keeps disconnect and reconnecting to pc even my mouse is off. I already cleaned dongle with alcohol. What can I do and solutions

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Hey, @urbanMelonsecret287!


Have you tried reinstalling its drivers? If possible, test it also on a different PC. If the same issue occurs then you can drop me a PM along with the serial number of your mouse so I can check my resources on how to resolve the intermittent connection issue you’re having.


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