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Products review (Blackwidow chroma v2, taipan, basilisk)

  • 26 January 2019
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I dont want to bring hatred here, but i had some bad experience with razer products and i just wanted to end it in a calm matter without posting anything about it, until i saw some reviews about issues with razer and I just want to share my experience too now.
I have 3 razer products - blackwidow chroma v2 keyboard with green clicky keys and US layout; taipan mouse which i bought long time ago; basilisk which i bought together with the keyboard in 2018.
keyboard - its pretty okay, just some random white color flickering near or in numberpad section, but its so rare that i dont care about it very much. More of the problem is that the keys is way too clicky and loud for me when I type or play games. It feels sluggish while pressing buttons, like you have to use force to press them and its actually awkward to play fast paced games because of that. Mostly I play csgo so yeah its not very good for it. But this is more like my problem I suppose. I should have went for orange or yellow switchkeys in the first place. But it shouldnt be so awkward to play especially when i payed so much. The keyboard feels plastic, a little hard to press slipery keys, but i can live with that awkwardness and roll with it, but sometimes it becames too obvious - i missclick buttons like windows key and i go to the desktop in the middle of the fight (now i turned the key off). or while moving in the map i missclick other buttons which are near WASD buttons like Q and change my gun randomly. in general im just moving in the map pretty awkardly which sometimes causes me to loose a fight.
In the very beginning i thought its just me - all my life i was playing only with laptops and to transition myself into the desktop setup with mechanical keyboard i just have to play to get used to it. well, im playing with it for 6months now, and i still missclick and feel uncomfortable at all. Maybe its so hard to get used to this because so many years i was playing with laptop keyboards which are obviously very different. I do understand that I made the wrong choice to buy the keyboard without doing any research about it before, i didnt even had an idea that there is so many choices even when we talk about keys being soft or hard.. and while other people are in position like me, they just change their products, sends them back to the shop, even if their stuff doesnt have any physical issue.. in my country, its impossible to do that. here you have to prove that you have physical problem, like something is not working and etc. But mine physicaly works okay (im not sure about the input lag tho, but nvm..)
Second item - taipan mouse. i bought it from electronic shop in 2010 or smth. I was so stupid.. the package was broken, i could see in some places the package was a little bit bended. I didnt care about it at that time because i was naive and ignorant, and i just bought it. When i opened it, mouse looked pretty nice (well razer design was and still is my favorite from all stuff out there actually, thats why i got my attention to razer in the first place). No physical damage was on the mouse, but when i connected it to pc it felt strange in my hand - the plastic didnt feel smooth and nice at all, and the scrollwheel was broken. When i tried to scroll it had some friction because it was a little bit stuck with the left mouse button. I ignored it.. Then i installed the synapse 2 app and then the real problem started to appear - sensitivity was random. When i booted up my laptop everytime sens was different-one time it was sensitive as f*ck other time its just slow. I thought okay maybe im crazy, or maybe its because the mouse is all broken, not only the package and the wheel of the mouse. I did some research about it and found out that actually the main reason was the synapse app.. it was crashing a lot, you had to be online for the settings to work and ofcourse i couldnt be. Well thats how I understand how the app works (and today i found out that even more time ago razer was making products which had inside memory or smth, so i will never understand why they got rid of it). But it was crashing and i had a lot of instability with my sensor sensitivity so i just thought these two things are connected somehow. I couldnt manage to make it normal with windows settings without the app aswell. It was impossible to get used to the mouse (+the mouse didnt feel nice in my hand). I was very disappointed of that and i did try everything i found in the internet to fix the problem but i never managed to do that.
Maybe you ask why i didnt bring the mouse back to the shop? i was stupid and i didnt want to go through a lot of trouble to change the mouse because like i said its pretty hard to do rma here in this stupid country.. like i would have probably had to prove them that i didnt break it myself and it was broken in the first place.. and i dont think it would have been enough to say "hey i think the sensitivity is random because software is messy, can u change my mouse?" because the shop would just have laughed at me and thats it.. come on, shops here doesnt even let you try the stuff before buying it, you cant open original packages and i understand why, but a lot of shops even doesnt have prototypes to try them out before buying original ones.. so you are like in the lotery - are you going to like the feel of it? is it broken inside the package? you will know only when you buy it and then its just your own problem.. i didnt even want to start the trouble to rma stuff cause i just dont have enough of patience for that, so i just thought "well im gonna try to use this taipan mouse and maybe somehow i will get uswd to it". i never did. i wasnt very hard gamer so i just left it that way. used the mouse only for work and casual stuff, sometimes i played something with it but i couldnt stand too long. my laptop was shitty anyway so i just let it flow like that without doing anything about it. i know, i should have atleast messaged razer company tho..
6 or even more years passed. here we go. want to give razer another chance. i love the design. so i bought basilisk together with the keyboard from other shop (never came back to the first shop for obvious reasons..). 16k dpi and cool looking design once again. very nice that you can lay your thumb on the left side of the mouse. 16k dpi looked very nice in specs sheet, but now im just laughing at myself, even if you use 5k or smth like that, WHO IS EVER GOING TO NEED 16K? :DD shouldnt praise this so much but well it worked for me somehow (once again, i was just plain idiot). Now i use only 1k MAX, so its even more funny.. anyways, i installed synapse 3, i was happy that it wasnt 2 because of my bad experience with that app, but when i saw that the 3d version was on beta.. i somehow felt im gonna have problems with it, or even more. and i was damn right this time. this time i had experience and i was less naive and more sceptic. well in the very beginning basilisk felt nice and for couple of weeks actually i didnt had any problems with sensitivity at all. but somehow the app started crashing and you cant even imagine my pain at that time in my heart - expensive mouse, pretty expensive setup (which is piece of crap because it stutters even csgo, high fps, everything should be fine, AND I HOPE ITS NOT BECAUSE OF THE SYNAPSE APP.. ), everything is different then i had with taipan mouse, so i thought maybe this time this one is going to work.. well it did, but only for 2 weeks. but when the app was crashing AGAIN and it affected my keyboard (white colors flashing) and the mouse - sensitivity was random everytime - one time slower, other time faster. sounds familiar? while playing it randomly changed the speed but dpi settings was same untouched all the time. then rebooting pc everytime and 50 50 chance maybe it will go back maybe not. then you just play whatever the sens is and just wait to go back itself whenever its going to... app crashing a lot. So in short - everything the same with new pc and mouse, just like taipan with the old laptop. 8 years difference, same problems.
What happened next is my favorite part. Some of you are not going to like what i did, but i had so much pleasure that you cant even imagine. After so many freakin years of pain with it. I just destroyed them, smashed into pieces and then threw to the garbage. 150 euros for a 5min pleasure and 8 years hell. Well at least they made these mice pretty resistant to shock, they did resist a lot of shock before they died.
Lesson learnes. I wanted to like this company and its products, i had plans to buy even more stuff from here. Wanted to be a part of this great community (a lot of people here are good guys, it was nice to chit chat with some of them here). But im not coming here anymore, i will idiotically try to pretend that my mistakes from the past doesnt exist and every time i will see any razer product it will just remind me what a big naive idiot i was..
Thank you razer so much that you tought me so many (expensive) lessons. You taught me that the design of electronics doesnt matter so much and that you have to make sure about compatability and performance. You made me grow up from my naive life and be more cautious about buying stuff.
Dont get me wrong, I dont want to be a hater or anything here. Have a good day, and be smart and just do research about the stuff u buy, dont repeat my mistakes. Keep up with the good support for new people, who asks for your help. And now im gonna stick with my flashy "dancefloor mode" blackwidow, and try to live a happy long life with that synapse 3. Or i will buy other keyboard from somewhere else. Anyways, good luck razer community, i will miss you guys!

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