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Raptor 27 of my dream

  • 18 January 2019
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It's always a very questionable idea to contact big companies with suggestions on how to make their products better. But I still want to try, because it's about the product that hasn't been released yet — Raptor 27 monitor; and because these improvements are more about software level, which means they can be implemented relatively easily. However, these are still quite important things for many users I guess.

The first improvement concerns eye health. We (gamers, I mean) spend a lot of time in front of computer monitors, so our eye health is at major risk. For this reason, I would like to offer to add a blue light reduction mode. Not just a "placeholder" like most manufacturers do, but properly tuned preset that lower the most harmful part of the spectrum while maintaining an acceptable color balance, so you can keep it always on without destroying the picture. (BenQ does this very well.) In addition, "Razer cares about our health." sounds attractive!

The second improvement is sRGB mode with high-quality factory calibration. The problem with most gaming monitors is that they are terribly inaccurate! If you cares about color accuracy even a little, you would prefer to buy a non-gaming monitor and play games on it in order to have a good picture the rest of the time. However, Razer is a premium brand, and the stylish monitor released under this brand will surely attract some attention of visual designers and Apple users who love beautiful things and meanwhile know a lot about accurate picture. If Razer could get such a public - it will immediately establishes as a manufacturer of all-aroundly superb displays.

I hope we have a really great product ahead of us.

Do you find these suggestions reasonable?

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2 Replies

I feel extremely optimistic. This will be a great product indeed.
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Most brands give you blue light settings adjustment in monitor settings for few years 😛 For monitor calibration this is more personal preference why becose this is monitor for gamers not proffessional photograph or video editor so it's difrent target ^^ For me when screean will be official relese we see how it works, how it performance in difrent tasks etc.