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Razer Blade 15 - Rtx 2060 80w or 90w?

  • 2 April 2019
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Hey guys,

I was wondring if its the 80w or 90w version of the 2060 thats in the blade? And whats the proformance between?

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From the performance it’s 90 watt but from gpu z I saw it’s 80 watt quite confusing on mobile gpu nowaday. The sure thing is that Blade 2060 is on top rank 3Dmark benchmark, despite it’s 80 or 90 watt, and it’s only with cpu undervolting and gpu overclocking with afterburner.
Firestrike 8750H 206 rank, ignore 1st rank he’s using egpu with rtx2080ti and 2 till 31 is same user, 5 top users are Blade 2060 owners.
Edit: From user call jmotz85, it’s 90 watt confirmed from HWinfo64.