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Razer Blade Late 2016 (1060) Intel HD Graphics freeze

  • 30 January 2023
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I know this question is about a pretty old Laptop but maybe someone also ran into this issue?

About a month ago, my Blade (late 2016, GTX 1060) started freezing after a few mintues of use. By freezing I mean nothing responds other than a hard shutdown (long press on power button).

After many long days of troubleshooting I finally narrowed down the issue to the Intel HD Graphics component. After disabling the Intel Graphics in Windows device manager the computer works consistently fine with no freezing.

I have tried updating to the latest version of Intel HD Graphics 520 driver from Intel's website (Aug. 2022 version ) but this did not remedy the situation.

I work with a multi monitor setup and disabling the Intel Graphics is preventing me from using a second external monitor and is hurting my productivity.

Any ideas for a workaround / fix for this issue? Could this be a hardware related issue?

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