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Razer Blade Stealth 2018 Screen And Costumer Support

  • 28 April 2019
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I got a Razer Blade Stealth last summer brand new from Best Buy for about $1700. I got it for some very light gaming (older mmos) and for class.

Had it for 2 weeks and the screen started peeling off, at this point I literally haven't done anything on it besides surf the web. this is a $1700 computer and the screen just falls off on its own??

So I understand that all razer products come with like a 1 year warranty as a standard and I'm super busy for the next few months between work and school and just life so I put off contacting their support and I pack the laptop up and just keep using my old one for a few months.

So when I finally do get time to contact razer about my computer, they tell me that since I waited a few months that I have gone over the amount of time (30 days) or so that I can just return my product and get a brand new one, Instead I will have to get my original repaired. This is completely fine and I absolutely understand this part, It is my fault that I put it off and this is not what I am angry about.

What follows is one of the worst experiences I have ever had dealing with any costumer support in my entire life.

In my emails with the associate she tells me that I need to take pictures / send more info / and that in a few days I will get a RMA number that I can mail my laptop with for repair. So I send all the info as needed.

2 weeks later I haven't gotten any reply or RMA number so I call razer support again, I tell her the case number I am having issues with, she tells me, "yes sir, you had a software issue and have been assisted now your case is closed."

So they actually cant even keep up with who's case number belongs to who and they just closed mine randomly. So I finally get an RMA number and send in my laptop in to razer and I get an email that its been received and a few days later another that its repaired and on its way back to me. Except its not on the way back to me because Razer shipping department sent it to the incorrect address.

Whenever I used the Tracking Number from FedEx I got a notification that the item is failed to deliver because the address does not exist. So I call razer immediately because I assume its their mistake and the associate double checks with me many times that they actually do have the right address in their system attached to my case number, 119 **** *** Drive, this is the correct house number and street. It is exactly correct when she reads it to me 5 times and she assures me this must be FedEx's mistake.

So I call FedEx now and tell them they must have made a mistake and the guy tells me nope, it was definitely Razer because he reads the printed address on the package is 199 **** *** Drive.

So I am completely dumbfounded as to how they have the correct address in the system but sent to the wrong address, I am now waiting for them to get the package returned to them by FedEx and hopefully send it correctly to me this time.

I am also completely dumbfounded at how my Case numbers got mixed up with someone else when we are having completely different issues.

I am even more dumbfounded over how I can pay $1700 for a laptop and the screen peels off within 2 weeks and all I have done is surf the web a few times on it.

I am expecting 100% to be unsatisfied with the repairs made on my laptop from all this crap I have read on reddit/ other forums and tech review sites from people experiencing the same issues. A lot of them had their glue come undone and screen fall right back off. I don't wanna get ahead of myself here and hate on them for a bad repair just yet. I will wait and see how it goes and then update you guys on it.

I can prematurely say that Razer is not a professional company and I will never buy so much as a mouse from them ever again. To pay an amount of $1700 for a computer that had such a major hardware problem as the screen comes off!! Are you kidding me? And then Razers support team mixing up case numbers, on top of the shipping department messing up the address?

I know that I will have a 90 day warranty now after receiving my repaired device ( if I ever get it back). And I assure you I will keep mailing this laptop back and forth as many times as it takes if I keep having problems. And if its not a satisfactory repair then I promise I will share the above texts on as many forums / tech review sits as I can, and I promise you guys will lose a lot more than $1700 in potential costumers.

Sorry if some of you think I'm raging a bit too hard and prematurely but $1700 is a lot of money to me and I get worked up over it. You would think that if the money wasn't even for a quality product, it would at least buy me some decent support.

2018 Razer Blade Stealth
Screen fell off straight out of the box basically, and costumer service for this is a huge pain in my bum. I understand from reading a lot of reviews that many ppl had this problem specifically with my model, but I wont be buying or recommending any Razer products to anyone based on my experience with their support team alone.

Just because something is Flashy and not Mainstream doesn't mean its better.

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Hi there @spaceshipSinopialeet100 ! This is not the experience that we want you to have. I'd like to take a look at this. Please PM me your case number. Let's continue there.
So my computer was sent back to razer for incorrect shipping address, and they immediately send it back again to the incorrect address??? why the hell do you think you received the package again??? this is not FedEx's fault. I have called razer 4 separate times about my case # and explained you guys have labeled the package with the incorrect address.

This is not my mistake, my case number has the correct address on it, but shipping somehow got it wrong. I was assured there were notes added to my case so that they will know why the package has been returned and to put the correct address

Communication seems to be the issue with this company, 4 different associates that work the phones and @Razer.RedPanda still cannot relay what I am saying to the shipping department.

Luckily the FedEx guy had my cell number this time, and called me when he was still in my area, so I have received my package no thanks to Razer.

I'll keep you guys updated on how the repairs went.