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Razer Core X and RTX 3070/80/90

  • 13 October 2020
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Hello, as I want tо purchase the Razer Core X (not the chroma one) I wanted to ask if it will support RTX 3080 after it's already on the market.


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Officially on the website not, so there’s a risk but since PSU can supply 500 watt for gpu alone theoretically it should be fine for up to non OC cards that can spike near 400ish like Fe and there’re users who already tested it and works fine for 3080 and 3090, the later one 3090Fe due big mammoth size it needs a bit hardware tweak. Personally I’m not sure for long time use on fe new cooling since one of heat output on back area blows directly toward blowing fan inside the core and might runs hotter than on desktop especially with close shell maybe you want use it open shell (need tweak as well I think on core X since on normal Core v2 there’s Switch that has to be pulled to let it runs on open shell), I might be wrong though.