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Razer deserves more!!

  • 19 January 2019
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I’ve noticed that Razer often get complaints about durability and wear, and I feel this is very unfair. I’ve had a Razer Blackwidow Chroma TE keyboard for nearly 2 years now, and I don’t treat it very well - it’s been dropped, sat on, heck, I’ve spilt multiple glasses of water on it! But the best thing is, it still works as well as it did on the first day of me using it. The same goes for my Deathadder Elite mouse. Finally, their headsets are a class above THAT. The Razer Kraken Pro V2’s extraordinary flexibility and strength, combined with great sound quality, makes it the best headset I’ve ever had. I just wanted to get this out there to support a brand I’ve used and loved for so long

So to sum up: for anyone NOT buying Razer products because you’re worried about durability, go ahead and buy them! NOW!!

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5 Replies

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True, i got 2 Kraken 7.1 (V1 an V2), a Naga and A Cyanosa, some of them are mare than 3 years old and if it wasn"t for my child tooth for the Kraken V2, all would be in good shape and perfectly functionning.
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Yeah not everyone have a issue with own devices 🙂 I use my first gen naga epic mouse for almost 4 years and still work the fanny thing is it's in great condition so just plug and will work ^^ People dont think just write old hardwere more durable why becose difrent Times difrent approach now hardwere will work few years becose every company must earn money to be in market othervise they go broke very quick 😛 Next thing is hardwere is changing in months or years this is why old devices dont give the same more immersive better expiriance.
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Keep in mind that people with problems usually spread the word and have a lot more to say than people with no problems. Think about all the folks who are purchasing Razer items and keeping quiet because they all work, I mean, the company is staying in business and doing well because of all those people. hehehe
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I've had my Razer Kraken 7.1 V2 Gunmetal for over a year now and it still works great. The tip of the mic cracked off though when I dropped it but it still works well, just aesthetically unpleasant.

My only gripe right now would be that older Razer devices uses Synapse 2 while the more recent devices use Synapse 3. I would rather have all of them in one Synapse. I'm still disappointed that the Orbweaver and Kraken aren't compatible with Synapse 3.
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For me even though I have had tough luck with the Deathadder mice I used to own I would still say that the same could happen with any company. I have had Logitech mice go bad on me and I wasnt able to claim warranty so I repaired them on my own. But when my 2 deathadders left click and scroll wheel went bad I claimed warranty and got a brand new mouse. The 2 year warranty is the only reason I keep buying Razer gear and I absolutely loved it when they announced a 2 year warranty for almost everything.

Next, Razer just needs to work on storing lighting and mouse profiles without the use of Synapse. I just generally dont like extra softwares running in my app tray.