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Razer Electra V2 USB Giveaway!

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Well met fellow Insiders!

I am @.Surf. and I've been a member of this fantastic family for three and a half years. I've had many hobbies throughout my life and the one that I never got bored of was gaming. I started playing when I was a kid and with time I made the choice to embrace the coolest brand ever; Razer. And I decided to make my whole life Razer-like, from the gaming gear to the clothing style and so on, and now I have something for you.

The time has come for another giveaway, this time the Razer Electra V2 USb for one lucky Insider. Post your replies below with your favorite music you like to listen to while gaming and stand a chance to win.

A random winner will be picked after two weeks, so let the battle of comments begin and good luck to everyone!! I look forward to see your gamer answers.

- .Surf.

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Wow, its so good to see so many people participating!

Thanks everyone, but the time is up and our lucky winner is @iStinger and his magical Runescape 07 - Sea Shanty 2. Congrats for winning mate, for further instructions on how to claim your prize please send a pm to @dekades, and he'll clarify it for you!

And well done everyone, even if you didn't win, the fact that you took place matters even more. Do stay tuned cause more giveaways are coming and i wish you fellow insiders good luck!

@.Surf. out.