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Razer game list disappeared

  • 21 October 2020
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I have a gaming PC, HP Omen with Nvidia 1080 TI ya watevs, had razer cortex maintain my game list, dozens of games, two years running. Today for some reason it wants a password.. um ok... and now the game list is toast. Game list is empty.. YOU had ONE JOB, remember the games on the system. Lol what??? Oh I tease you because I love you

Anyone else have razercortex just melt down and reset? Is this common? Maybe RC is trying to tell me I'm 40 years old and shouldn't have a dedicated gaming PC. oof

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1 Reply

This happened to me a few days ago too. My list is cleared and none of my hours are there, I think I have to manually add my games back too and it's up to date.