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  • 17 February 2019
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I think I know what most gamers want. And I want to help. Best idea will be the razer set of keyboard and mouse that will help with the software inside to give gamers a help how to play better. They will scan how the gamer play and than they evaluate what gamers must do better and maybe how they must move or/and shoot. And maybe bring the screen with actual score and some help.

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10 Replies

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Nice idea but do you honestly think we are close enough to an AI that will actually teach players how to play complex games? I mean even OpenAI that beat Dota 2 players had some advantages programmed into the game for it.
I know that razer is one of the best gaming companies for me the best and maybe just try and it can be a great gaming product. And you don't need an AI just try to make some easy program. Firstly you can start with some more easy product for help gamers but this is just my idea and I think that it will help a lot.

I know what I'm talking about because I'm gamer and I study on technical school.
Pitch this in 10-15 years
The idea is really great but it could take a lot of time to do that
Razer is already doing great at the moment.

https://tweakbox.mobi/ https://getappvalley.com/ https://tutuappx.com/
Okay than just try to make and inovate razer assistant

Microsoft can help because they already have an assistant for game halo
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Unless you realise how incredibly difficult something like this is you wont realise it cant be done by a company as small as Razer. It needs a lot of software development, not to mention game integration. Also the technology necessary to implement something like this is going to take years from now to be feasible.

If you want to get better at a game look at how pro players of that game play, what strategy they use and try to mirror that or if you just want to get better at aiming then you should train on games like Osu.
Then I've got just one idea. And that's transforming controller for every kind of game to make gameplay easier.
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Yeah that is a more practical idea to have. They have been doing similar stuff with the Naga Trinity so maybe they are already at work on something like this too.
That will be really good idea because you need other controller for shooter game and other for racing game

It could be something like mouse with joystick and some buttons that can transform into controller
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You know this can be double edge sword is softwere will register key strike it it will register personal data like conversations over chat or your login and password to account or credit card information in game store. This not the best idea to large brand like razer go to becose remember it;s not one country but it's internacional law that more complicated that you can think. The best best example with be Apple new issue with some apps register finger touch look more at this case and you will understand why it's not the best idea.