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Razer Phone 2 screen mirroring (with audio) to Razer Blade Pro via USB-C

Hi everyone :)

So after finally making the switch from IOS to Android I went with the Razer Phone 2, previously on IOS I was streaming via Wifi using some software called Reflector 3. So now with my new Android phone I am trying to stream/cast my video and audio to my Razer Blade Pro (to stream via OBS).

Here is what I have tried:

Method: Casting
Software on RP: Built in casting / Google Home Casting
Software on RBP: Reflector 3 / Vysor / Windows Connect
Details/notes: The quality would fluctuate sometimes but the audio lag was the biggest issue. Tried all combinations of the above software

Method: USB Capture Card
Software on RP: None needed
Software on RBP: Streamlabs OBS to directly capture video and audio feeds
Details/notes: This solution worked great, the only problem was that the battery would drain faster (even running games on lower settings) than the cabled solution could charge the phone. I was using USB-C to HDMI cable then the capture card to USB 3.0.

What I'm wondering is if there is a way to do it only using the USB-C cable provided with the phone. I managed to mirror video using Vysor software through USB-C but the software doesn't support audio (audio only supported via Wifi). Does anyone have any recommendations for streaming both audio and video from my Razer Phone 2 to my Razer Blade Pro via the USB-C cable?

I did post this thread in support (as advised by Support via email) but it was moved to General for some reason? :S

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