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Razer Product and support problems

So I love Razer don't get me wrong. But this is too much first my Razer Kiyo broke even if I rarely use it. Asked for replacement, I gave them a receipt of proof of purchase from my local game store and provided them with a serial number but was rejected because it was not from an official Razer store although the razer serial upon checking was legit, then Razer Synapse keeps crashing on me and now my Razer Nari has this Averna usb issue and now my Razer Nari doesnt work. It turns out this Averna issue is not a new problem as several people also have the same problem as recently as 3 months ago and still no fix. I don't want to buy a new usb dongle for $20 and probably wont get a replacement because its from my local game store and not Razer official store. Even with legitimate serial numbers. I think I'm seriously done with Razer. Also the Razer USB and pair tool doesn't work and solve the problem. My USB port is fine as other devices like my microphone works with my port but apparently not the Razer Nari usb dongle.

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