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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

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I have rixty card. I have not logged in for a while. Now it has been upgraded to razer. I don't Know what to do to get my credit back. This website is not user friendly.
I've been striving to get as much Silver as I can
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I was really excited when i got my first like from a Razer staff, since then i do not remember to have any other. :D

They're quite rare.
That's why they worth so much.
It sure is cool, LNix.
Me deserve Some razer silver.
Hopefully i can earn more silver rewards 😃
is it possible to buy silver and where can you buy silver
Nice thread
Keep it up
This user deserves a Razer Silver, Big fan of Razer altough I can't get products for myself! :frown_:
This reply deserves some Razer Silver. ;)

mine too :wink_: :smile_:
That was a good news keep it up brother's.
You want my thoughts okay the below are readily available...
You are making me scream with frustration with/by this proprietary management software it is highly irritating and for the love of Christ Remember me on this PC!!
I bought this kbd & mouse they are Mine !!
Yet your management software is forcing me to sign in to use it ?!?!
I should never ever have to sign in to use my equipment!
Also every time I am forced to login it seems the login page doesnt like my password I have had to change it 3 damn times this week
Aarrrgh I am starting to really regret choosing Razer because the cons are now outweighing the pros
Logitech mouse & kbds never ever put me through this Login tripeology
Also - Whats worse is I probably have to go through this every damn time there are any updates to this cluster****ing management software
I am a dog bc im cute thats it
Great post. i like razer how respect the costumers
Great update, hopefully we see more engaging topics here apart from the plethora of support related threads.

Is it just me, or does the insider forum show less activity than it did in, say, 2018?
Let's Go!!!
This is a late comment and no one will probably read this, but I love razer! So much RGB and the best cool trailer videos on YouTube! Even those April fools videos look very well edited and stuff. I wish there were random days when razer would give random active community members some silver lol. Idk if that already even happens XD.

i think im a little late too
can't wait for the next news. Good job :smile_:
Great way to be able to get more silver
I've known about the silver points for quite a while now. Years probably, but it never managed to drag me in until now. This made me wonder how much work goes into trying to get people engaged and upkeep this hole system. Seeing from comments, this post surely made a lot of people excited. For those who have been on top of things for a while, has it been worth it all with the silver points? Just very curious.

I am in the same boat as you. I am interested in seeing how the whole system works. Kinda like games themselves, I wonder if you have to buy and earn or if everything is unlockable by just playing... LOL!
Nice forum!
Informative stuff.
join my razer squad ill be going for the max play hours to claim razer silver...https://deals.razer.com/squad-rewards/invite/11/429b875a3181
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