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Razer Support appreciation post

  • 18 August 2019
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Last August of 2018, I bought myself the Hammerhead Pro V2's. I loved how they looked. They're aesthetically pleasing. Sound quality is amazing, especially if you're more of an EDM, pop, etc. person. Unfortunately, I'm more of a rock, metal, punk rock person and this pair could do better with the highs, but it's not too bad. Within 3 days, the left side would occasionally stop working, I thought it had something to do with my phone, I tried it on a different phone and the problem persisted, day 5 and the left ear piece stopped working altogether. I immediately went to the store I bought it from and asked for a replacement. They happily obliged as it was still within the 7 day replacement warranty they have, albeit it took them 3 months to replace it cuz they still sent it to their supplier to see if it really was a factory defect or not.

Finally it was November, my replacement finally arrived and I couldn't be happier! Everything was great until July of this year, that's about 9mo. until my current pair had issues. This time, the in-line mic control is the one with an issue, volume buttons stopped working, as well as the microphone. Audio on both ear pieces still worked beautifully tho.

I use the inline mic control on a daily basis for answering calls, using Siri, Play/Pause/Skip songs. I can't live without it.

I couldn't go back to the store I bought it from anymore as I've already used up my warranty in their store so I decided to go to Razer Support immediately. Things were stating to look bad for me, as I didn't have the original receipt from the store I bought it from, on top of that they're not an authorized reseller either, and I read somewhere that Razer only accepts RMA from authorized resellers.

When Razer noticed my loyalty and appreciation for the brand from this post https://bit.ly/2TOkXzC They offered me a one time deal of accepting my RMA even from an unauthorized reseller! yay! I contacted the store and asked for their copy of my proof of purchase and we were all set! Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

Hold on, there's a catch.

In order for my RMA to be accepted, I had to either send them my broken hammerheads OR I had to cut it and show them a picture of it like some twisted plot from a psychological horror movie. Now, I didn't know how much it'll cost me to send my hammerheads, nor do I know how long it'll take and I figured that it'll probably cost me a good chunk of cash and might take longer than it needs to be and money is hard to come by for a broke college student running off of ramen noodles. Plus I risk losing my package during shipping (This has happened to me on multiple occasions already, so I'm not gambling this time.)

So I went with the easiest fastest, and most painful route. I cut off my hammerheads.

At this point, it felt like that scene from Infinity War, when Thanos had to sacrifice a soul for the soul stone. Razer Support being the Red Skull asking me to sacrifice my hammerheads for an RMA.

Please ignore my grammatical error on this one. I already noticed it. Yes, I feel stupid, but I'm too lazy to change it. lulz.

I sent them the picture of the cut cord and within a day they said that my RMA has been approved and they will be shipping me with a new pair of hammerheads! yay! for real this time! It took nearly 2 weeks to arrive.

Hella sexy!

Sorry for the noisy image. But I thought it was a great pic with all my Razer gear in the back.

So here we are now with my 3rd Hammerhead Pro v2 all within a year. Hopefully this one will last at least a little over a year or until I pickup to the Hammerhead BT's. Now as happy as I am with the product itself, I guess they do need to work on the build quality a little bit more. For its price it certainly should last a little over a year. The aluminum body on each ear piece easily dents btw.

Despite all the hassle, and 3 different hammerheads within a year, I'll still stick with Razer! They're Razer Support team isn't as bad as they seem, and so do their products. I have the first iteration of the Kraken bought last 2014, and they're still alive and kicking 6 years later! Albeit the torn earcups and faded headband tho I'm sure those would naturally wear and tear within a year or 2 anyways, I also have a 4 year old Deathadder Chroma still with no issues whatsoever (I just wish it would be supported by synapse 3) a 9mo. Ornata Chroma and a Nabu watch that's had better days!

I'll certainly be picking up more of their products in the following years! Especially that elusive toaster! ;)

Thank you to the Razer Support team that helped me get a replacement despite having bought from an unauthorized reseller.

P.S. I tried to ask for a THS fidget spinner with no luck, I know some people get lucky with special requests. I guess not this time around.

PPS. Can anyone from the Support team let me know who the authorized resellers are in the Philippines if any at all? Also if there's any way to make the store I buy all my Razer products from into an authorized reseller so that future RMA's like mine would be easier?

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