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Razer synapse - fix it pls

  • 13 October 2023
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So many issues with this software. I set up my profiles for games. after update or some weird shit they reset and you can't find any games when you try make a new profile.. My razer synapse logs out 24/7 and won't let me login or i try login and it logs me out again 1 min later. Most annoying shit software. Wish i had my Logitech again tired of dealing with this shit software that completely fuck up my game settings everytime there is an update even if i havn't installed it yet. My keys not working when i don't connect to razer and it takes like 30 + min for some keys on my huntsman to start working. Idk if this is a razer synapse error or manufacturing issue but hell this should not happen. My old keyboard which was blackwidow elite 2014 worked for 7 years and this one lasted like 30 days. Could be unlucky but keys work sometime and sometime not so i don't even know...

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