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Razer Viper V3 Pro Auto-Switch Polling Rate

  • 28 April 2024
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So for the auto switch polling feature, how do I know it’s working?


What counts as “in-game” and how does it know if I’m in a game? Do I have to set up my game profiles to let the software know when I’m in game? I imagine not, right? Otherwise, I don’t see the point in checking that box if you only have 1 profile set up. Not to mention the box unchecks itself whenever you add a new profile. 


I searched and found a thread posted here 1 year ago about the suggestion of the auto switch feature. I know you can make a profile for different apps and games, and then set the standard polling rate that way.


Sure, you can still do the same now, but that only changes the standard polling rate, not the “auto-switch polling rate” which stays constant over your profiles. It seems counterintuitive if you do that. 



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