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Razor Core X & Mac mini

  • 24 June 2020
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Got the Razor Core X. Helps me run four monitors off of a Mac mini. Pretty neat, although some challenges with start/shut down.

  • Typically I leave my Mac mini on all the time and it just goes to sleep when I leave. This is nice because it can still Time Machine backup in the background, etc. and is easy when I return. With the Razor Core X the challenge is that when I do this and the computer goes to sleep it intermittently kicks the fan on high instead of just shutting down. Is there a setting to change this?
  • When I fully restart or turn on my computer from shut down, having the eGPU on causes a problem because the mini can't boot unless its off and then turned on once you login. (this only happens from full restart, not waking from sleep) I read somewhere online there are some eGPUs that can have a delay allowing you time to login. Is there a delay setting somewhere with the eGPU?
  • Does anyone know if plugging a smart switch into the eGPU is a problem to use for turning it on/off? I keep it under and towards the back of a desk, so manually flipping the switch all the time is kind of a pain. Just curious if anyone has used a smart switch in this way with any issues. I figured if I disconnected from the Mac it would be easy enough to just control the power from a smart switch and not need to crawl under the desk.
  • The Thunderbolt 3 cable that came with the unit is WAY too short. Anyone have success in using something else? Does the cable need to be an active cable? Seems to be active cables are 6', I figure I only need 2.5-3 feet or so, 6' seems a bit overkill. Wondered if shorter passive cables work or if I am best just going with the 6' cable.

Those are all my questions. Any community support for any/all of them would be very helpful.


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