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Razor Hammerhead TW Earbuds won’t work … again

  • 26 January 2023
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Hey there … anybody else having problems with their Hammerhead TW Earbuds? I bought a pair about a year ago and used them for some time until the left earbud stopped working for no reason. Razer was so kind to swap them for a new pair, fair enough though. I got the new pair and some time after a couple weeks the right earbud stopped working and I tried really everything plenty of times to get it back working but absolute nothing happens. I replied to Razer again, as this makes me a bit upset because … well because, right?! They told me about two weeks ago that they are discussing the issue and will be back with me after latest of two days but they do not reply to any email or other contacts whatsoever. Anybody else having issues like that? Many thanks for your replies and have a great day though

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