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Replacement Issue

  • 15 March 2022
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I sent my laptop in 2 months ago to be repaired. Keep in mind that it had already been repaired by Razer before and the same issues came up again.

After many delays it was found that they didn’t have the parts in stock to fix it so they would replace it. ORIGINALLY THEY WERE JUST GOING TO SEND ME BACK A BROKEN LAPTOP. After 2 months of fighting them, they sent a replacement but it was never delivered to me. FedEx says that the package was signed for but I was at work and no one was home, none of my neighbors saw a FedEx truck at all. So its obvious that FedEx delivered it to the wrong house. Razer claims that since the tracking shows as delivered, than they wont do anything. I opened a FedEx claim and that is going nowhere.

First I was told by razer that they would request a copy of the signature that FedEx claims to have on file for the delivery and if they cant provide it (which they don’t have), than I would be sent a replacement. But today they tell me that I must file a police report and that’s all that can be done.

So after 2 months of multiple delays and being lied to by multiple supervisors including Racquel and Charisse), I am now left with no laptop and Razer telling me to pound sand. What can I do, I am being extremely screwed over and astonished that anyone would be treated like this 😃 ?

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