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Shipping during COVID-19

Does anyone know if razer is still shipping products to Canada while the coronavirus is happening?

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I am wondering too. Probably yes.
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More than likely. I saw something recently that said that they don't suspect it's transmittable through packaging or food and that it's only airborne / through contact with other humans or animals that might be carrying it.
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better to be safe than sorry. just wait until its over maybe they'll cut prices off:wink_:
My shipment is in Alberta so yes
First post in this forum so hello :)

I think they are. They shipped my 2 orders yesterday and today.
I ordered something for the UK. on the 18th and its on its way
I just got the first part of my order so def shipping at least in Canada.
Same here got my covid poster
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As far as I am aware Razer is still continuing to ship products, however I would expect some delays from the shipping carriers themselves. Here in Newfoundland, the Razer products I have ordered have came via FedEx, mostly shipped from Hong Kong.

At the time of typing this, Fedex is saying shipments could take up to 3 days longer. (View Here).
Maybe it will cause some delay due to countries Lockdown implementation
I'm about to order the nommo chroma, I hope they still deliver in Rome, Italy. I don't want to order from a 3rd party supplier.