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Should I buy the Razer Raptor?

  • 3 August 2020
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Hey! This is probably the wrong place to post this AND this is also my first post!

I need to get a new monitor for my recently built PC. I went a little crazy with buying Razer stuff after the build and now have a Huntsman Elite (Linear) keyboard, Mamba Elite mouse, Kraken Ultimate Wireless headset, Nomma Chroma speakers, Chroma headphone stand, and Goliathus mouse pad. I feel that the next logical step is to purchase the Raptor, but don't know if I can justify $700 on a monitor that is over a year old and has competitors at lower prices. I really enjoy my Razer products and have not had many (if any) complaints. Anyone have it and love it to death? Or bought it and have regrets?

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