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Stolen Razer 15 Studio

  • 17 May 2023
  • 2 replies

Stolen Razer 15 Studio. Any way to do anything to locate it? No FIND my Laptop installed. Any way to get a general location if it’s connected to the internet by device ID? Grasping at straws. I know.

2 Replies

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Unfortunately, tracking a stolen laptop without pre-installed tracking software like "Find My Laptop" can be challenging. However, you can take a few steps:

  1. Report to the Police: File a police report with the details of the theft, including the laptop's serial number.

  2. Notify Razer Support: Inform Razer about the theft, providing them with the serial number. They may be able to assist or provide guidance.

  3. Monitor Online Marketplaces: Keep an eye on online platforms where second-hand electronics are sold. Sometimes stolen items end up there.

  4. Check Imaging Centers or CT Scan Facilities: If your laptop was used for medical imaging purposes, notify relevant imaging centers or facilities. They might notice unusual activity or have security measures in place.

Remember, it's crucial to involve law enforcement and the laptop's manufacturer in such situations. I hope you recover your laptop soon.