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Suggestions regarding Mercury Edition colorways.

  • 12 May 2023
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This post will include some suggestions for regular white and Mercury colored Razer products. Hopefully, some of these can be used in the future.

If some of these suggestions are already a thing, please notify me in response.

1.) First of all, make white and Mercury two different color options.
-- White products can be white with black, grey or silver accents.
-- Mercury products should be completely white, with either the Razer logo indented into said product if not RGB.

This would allow users who want purely white Razer peripherals to be able to get purely white without accent colors, whilst also providing options for those who like the grey and black accents.

2.) Secondly, existing Mercury products should have revisions that follow my previous recommendations.

-- For example, the Mercury Razer Blade laptops should be revised to have a white chassis instead of metal, and a white Razer Chroma RGB keyboard. Since these laptops are under the Mercury design, they should also have white bezels on the screen, for that Mercury look. This can either come from the factory, or precision-cut white vinyl can be included in the box for users to decide.

Regular white laptops can boast the current Mercury design, to differentiate between white and Mercury.


--Another example is the Razer Viper V2 Pro. The current design for white looks very clean, and I have no issues with it whatsoever. However, I believe that if a Mercury colorway of the mouse were to be released, this should have an indented Razer logo on the palm rest, and a white scroll wheel, for the pure white Mercury look. This can apply for all possible future Mercury colorways of existing and future Razer products, with white having black, grey or silver accents, whilst Mercury is completely white, with a sleek, indented Razer logo.


-- Yet another example are the Mercury Razer gaming headphones, which should be revised to keep their current gray accents as a “white” colorway, and another version with pure white microphone cushioning, earpads, headpads and accessories labelled under “Mercury”.

3.) Mercury Razer products should include all-white accesories too, including cables, adapters, dongles, etc. with small RΛZΞR lettering or the Razer snake logo indented into these accessories.


-- For example, Mercury Razer mice should come with white charging cables and wireless receivers (if included), for a consistent, pure Mercury design. Either RΛZΞR lettering, or the Razer snake logo can be indented onto the receiver or the connector tongue/cover of the cables, to represent the Razer brand in a sleek, minimalist way.



-- Mercury Razer headphones should also come with completely white accessories, with the same style of Razer branding as the example above.


-- Other Mercury Razer products should also come with white accesories, with both the products themselves and included accessories having the branding described in the second -- under 1.).


Thank you for reading my suggestions. Hopefully some of these will be accepted in the future! :)

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When it comes to choosing colorways for a Mercury Edition product, it's important to consider the overall design aesthetic, target audience, and brand identity. Here are a few suggestions for Mercury Edition colorways:

  1. Metallic Silver: Embrace the metallic theme of the Mercury Edition by choosing a sleek and polished silver color. This can evoke a sense of sophistication and futuristic appeal.

  2. Deep Space Black: Opt for a deep, glossy black colorway to create a sense of mystery and elegance. It can symbolize the vastness of space and add a touch of luxury to the Mercury Edition.

  3. Lunar White: Choose a clean and pristine white colorway to give a sense of purity and minimalism. This color can create a striking contrast against dark accents and convey a sense of modernity.

  4. Stellar Blue: Consider a vibrant blue shade inspired by the beauty of the night sky. This color can represent tranquility, reliability, and evoke a sense of wonder associated with the cosmos.

  5. Nebula Purple: Explore a rich and deep purple colorway reminiscent of celestial wonders. Purple can signify creativity, individuality, and add a touch of uniqueness to the Mercury Edition.

  6. Solar Gold: Embrace a warm and radiant gold colorway to symbolize power, achievement, and a sense of luxury. This color can create an eye-catching and premium appearance for the Mercury Edition.

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Thank you for sharing your suggestions regarding white and Mercury-colored Razer products. We appreciate your thoughtful ideas and passion for design aesthetics. Allow me to respond to each of your suggestions individually:

1.) Differentiating White and Mercury Colors:
Your suggestion to offer white and Mercury as distinct color options is a great idea. White products with black, grey, or silver accents would cater to users who prefer a classic combination, while Mercury products with a completely white design would satisfy those who desire a sleek, all-white look. This way, Razer could provide options for users with different preferences.

2.) Revisions for Existing Mercury Products:
Your recommendations for revising existing Mercury products are interesting. Revising the Mercury Razer Blade laptops to feature a white chassis and a white Razer Chroma RGB keyboard, along with white bezels on the screen, would certainly enhance the overall Mercury aesthetic. It's worth considering whether these revisions could be made available as factory options or if precision-cut white vinyl could be included for users who want to customize their laptops.

The suggestion of incorporating an indented Razer logo on the palm rest and a white scroll wheel for Mercury colorways of products like the Razer Viper V2 Pro is also intriguing. This design approach could be applied to other future Mercury colorways, providing a consistent and distinct look.

3.) All-White Accessories for Mercury Products:
Including all-white accessories, such as cables, adapters, and dongles, with Mercury Razer products is an excellent idea. These accessories, adorned with minimalistic RΛZΞR lettering or the Razer snake logo indented into them, would align perfectly with the sleek Mercury design. Ensuring that accessories are consistent with the product's aesthetic enhances the overall user experience.

For example, providing white charging cables and wireless receivers with Mercury Razer mice, as well as completely white accessories for Mercury Razer headphones, would create a cohesive and visually appealing package.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share your suggestions. We value feedback from our passionate community, and your ideas will be considered by our design team for potential future product developments. We are always striving to provide an koows exceptional user experience, and your input helps us in achieving that goal.

Should any of your suggestions become a reality, we will make sure to notify you accordingly. If you have any further ideas or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your support!