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Thoughts on Razer Soft Miner?


As a long time Razer fan, I am conflicted with their recent announcement of SoftMiner. SoftMiner is obviously mining something for Razer at the expense of your electricity and GPU life, which is what zSilver is paying for.

I would rather they go back to the Paid to Play model and refine it to Razer's advantage. The old model only made Razer bleed money. They could have collaborated with game developers by only allowing certain games to earn zSilver and sell advertising space and adaptively adjusting zSilver rates. Collaborate with new games and make gamers download these games and try them for x hours to get zSilver. Collaborate with games for their games to be streamed by gamers in exchange for zSilver, viewers could also get zSilver for viewing these streams.

Our passion for gaming - in terms of gameplay hours, stream views, and game advertisement, is what should be capitalized on as we actually enjoy these processes, not at the expense of wearing our GPU out and raking in electricity bills.

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