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THS Plushie and RAZER Sign where to buy?

  • 12 May 2019
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Hey there,

So I wanted to ask if one of you know where I can get one of those Razer THS Plushies.
There are no stores selling them and now I try to find fans selling there pkushies.
Any Ideas?:smile_:


I want in my gaming room a big glowing Razer sign. like the ones in there stores and events.
Agin, any ideas?o_O

Thanks for help!

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1 Reply

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For the Plushie, it is a promo type of item. Sometimes Razer gives them away themselves or they give plushies to streamers to giveaway, and I think I remember a couple Razerstore promotions where if you spend a certain amount of money you could get a plushie using a code. Overall, they are hard to come by and are not on the store for sale.

For the sign, those are made just for Razer and the only real way to get one is to make one or get once made for you somehow.