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Tips & Guidelines for Razer Insider

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Would be nice to have a guide to to crank up the max of your razer laptop...
Nice help. Thank you
Thanks for the guide! There's not everyone who knows how a forum works, this post is very useful
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Hello Friends,

Thanks to the announcement Jenjar.

I thank all Vanguards members who help the Razer forum voluntarily.
You are the most loyal fans of the brand. ^_^
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Thanks for this.
Very helpful thank you! Can't wait to become more involved in the community!
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Niiiice! It's great to have everything we need all nice and tidy in one place. Great guide Jenjar!
Very useful. Thanks for this.
Thanks for the guide! Nice tips, really usefull!
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Di golden rulz
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It's just insane time saving for everyone who read that tips & guidelines, Thank you @Jenjar !
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Thanks for consolidating the guides and tips here.
Nice heip. Thank you:wink_:
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Great guide as always Jenjar!