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[TotW] What Do You Mean, "No Internet?"

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And you thought the lines at Costco were long

First of all, shout out to all the people out there on the front lines dealing with this pandemic. Whether you're a medical professional or the grocery store cashier, I appreciate each and every one of you out there. Please be safe and if anyone here is or knows someone who is out there every day, please send them my love and respect. Yep, random dude on Razer Insider says he loves and respects you. I stand by it.

This morning two of our team members had difficulty logging in because of internet troubles. Bandwidth is being eaten everywhere because many people are working from home and flooding all the data tubes. Netflix and YouTube are defaulting to standard quality. Steam is limiting auto-updating of games to the three most recent played. It seems that companies everywhere are doing their part to lessen the load of data being squeezed. It's so easy to think of data as being this magical thing that seems limitless with wifi and the cloud, yet we see caps all the time, whether it's monthly mobile data or even your ISP connection.

What if it got so bad we had to ration data? In 1979 during the oil crisis the United States rationed gas. What would you do if you had to ration data? Imagine only being able to use data - mobile, wifi, any form of internet, on the weekends only, or Monday-Wednesday-Friday only?

What would you do on a non-data day?

This is the Thread of the Week. Good engagement may get you some Razer Silver.

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Hah, when i was a kid my father would turn off my internet during the nights so that i won't play anymore and sleep to be awake in time for school. This until i figured out i can download movies and games that does not require internet, more like campaigns and single player games. But even if it hurts when you think of it, i don't know what else i could do inside if i won't have internet anymore. Would be like a real prison for me.
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Normally I would go shopping around or go spend time with friends, however since that is not possible during those times, I would spend as much time as possible outside, along with possibly getting a bit of extra sleep in as well.
Losing the internet is not the end of everything, maybe for us older generations, but for the younger ones, /gg.
Usually, exercise and yoga would do, but that can only go so far...
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That will be horrible for every gamer0.0
Playing games without interacting with other players is super bored!
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Offline games' time to shine. I have a lot of them on standby.
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Thanks for every Razer's staff who still work in their position!!
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Much as I hate to admit it, myself and the vast majority of people who can access this site rely on, and quite likely feel entitled to, consistent internet service.

There would surely be riots! Surprised there hasn't been already, with all the cabin fever.
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How would companies work without internet?
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What would I do without data? Hmmm...
Let me think. Since I'm a boomer in my early 30s I'd say go out all day, go to the gym, meet friends, go play football (Soccer for you Americans) and just do fun stuff outside. Man! Kids these days don't know how to be kids. Seeing them in their parents' phones all the time makes me feel sorry for them because they don't have what my generation did.

And if I had to stay home in a situation like this then I have my 3DS and some good old nostalgia Pokemon games like Red, Gold, and Silver to play. Also a library full of books that I almost never open.

Although it's hard to imagine a world where we'd have to ration data. It seems dystopic but we are pretty close to it.
Prayers that all this passes soon and we are all back to normal.
Stay strong!
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Time to complete all the success missing for the offline parts of the games
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Build myself a skateboard and learn some tricks!
i already cant play my favorite (atm) game at peak times, coz of server issues.
will be offline games, but where to download them?!
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Im still fun of the offline games and campaigns.I do too come from an era where SNES/NES sony ericsson,nokia 3210 were the most advanced technology.Likely ive saved a lot of offline games on an HDD for some days without internet.I had a few of those days when i was moving from town to town.
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I have nephews who game and use google hang outs to video chat each other. If I had my own kids that game as they do, I'd teach them to ration data by using a good old fashioned phone .... no video need, just human voices

I'd also limit their gaming time, but I'd trick them into spending certain hours going outside for a walk, or doing 1 household chore. I wouldnt sell it as "I AM LIMITING YOUR GAMING", but rather, "okay kids, its been 2 hours of gaming, now you gotta spend 2 hours outdoors.... then rotate back to 2 more hours of gaming.

For offline fun, when I was on a plane to Tokyo (15+ hour flight) I killed time by playing games like WC3 Frozen Throne, no need for a connection!
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What would I do on a non-data day, probably I will be bored in the first 1-2 hours and I will make floating plan.

1) I'll start with downloading my favorite movies on my 10TB external drive, so I will be able to watch them on a non-data days. 🎦🎬
2) More hikes in the nature. (if it's possible) 📷 🌄 💚
3) Studying/reading new information for my profession to improve my self, because we never graduate. 📖📗📚
4) WorkOutTraningAtHomeForHealthyBody 💪
5) Trying to learn new recipes for cooking with the food I have. 🍮🍲🍝🍪🍗🍺🍣🍦🥚🍷 😇
6) I'll call my friends from the neighborhood and we will bring back the old network we had created years ago for us to play games without the internet (because back then the internet was slow - 50kb/s but we had a 4-10mb/s connection to each other with our network that we build) we share information from our computers - movies, games, music, etc. and the most important thing was that we play every game that we want without any lag/delay. We was more then 20 people so we was able to play every game "Offline" but mostly CS, Half-Life, Warcraft, Starcraft, Heroes, Quake, Fifa and etc... and we will be ready for fun moments again insider_emoji_125 🎮 🎵 🆓 🔙 🌐 ♻
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Where're plenty of things to do w/o internet.. Go out to real world with friends/family, do some chores @home, work.. ffs play offline games if necessary 😃
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Hello friends,

I have the solution to free up the bandwidth, everyone must stop working on the internet and rather play solo games. lol
For example, The Witcher 3, Resident Evil Remaster, Final Fantasy ...

(I'm making a joke about stopping work on the internet, well done to keep you motivated and productive at home, there is so much temptation to have fun, it doesn't have to be easy.)


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Everyone commenting on what they would do, y'all will be dead in 1 week after the internet goes down.
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As soon as this pandemic started and people began staying home and plowing through their backlogs of games and Netflix shows, I started to think of all unsung heroes manning the server farms keeping the internet services and sites we rely on up and running. Times are indeed scary right now and I ended up having to be laid off from work due to concerns about the virus and bringing it home to my wife and young son. He’s still too young to sit down on the couch with his old man and play video games, but that day will come soon enough.

What little bit of gaming I’m able to do now had basically been single-player. I don’t have the time commitment to play any PvP without the constant threat of having to stop playing at the drop of a hat, or a diaper as it were. But this focus on single player games has allowed me to play through some great RPG titles that I missed over the years.

Without internet, I’d find time to play more RPGs or other single player experiences. I’d work more on the Dungeons & Dragons campaign I’m writing and playing with my wife and friends. Hell, maybe I’d even pick up a book or go for a walk. I guess I wouldn’t be able to check Razer Insider all the time anymore...

Let’s just hope it never comes to that. Game on, fellow gamers. Stay home and game on.
I was one of the unlucky to have some internet problems during all this and spent some hours without internet!! But that was no problem!! had a few solo play games with good stories to play, did a lot of workout and of course a good book to read is the best partner for those kind of situations!!
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I've allready a ration data !:big_grin_:
With a 300kb/s ADSL connexion, i have to use my phone to get a faster internet (5Mo/s) but i "only" have 100Go a month so i must think wisely when i want to dl a game or anything big.

As for what i'd do without internet at all, i've got a great set of retro games in my storage (i've reinstall Dungeon Keeper 2 days ago).
Thats a scary thought. I use internet everyday for school (and gaming of course). But please everyone stay safe out there and thank you to all helping.
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Everyone commenting on what they would do, y'all will be dead in 1 week after the internet goes down.

Hahah facts!
If I had a ration data, I will play Pokemon in Nintendo platform during the lockdown period and no data days. I remember when I was a kid, data and internet still doesn't exist, I used to play Pokemon on Gameboy and I am happy playing with it.