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[TotW] When I Say Razer...

  • 21 September 2021
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When I say RAZER, what are the top three words that pop into your head? Don't think too much about it, follow your gut! Go go go!

This is your Thread of the Week. Let's have fun with this one. Three random giveaways of the "Great" Achievement. Like and comment to play!

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36 Replies

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Keyboard, Mouse and RGB baby! hahaha!
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Hmmmm let's see, quality, style, overpriced.
Snake, gaming gear, green
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Green Chroma Snakes
Premium. Gaming. Innovation!
Can be read as a statement and not individual words too!
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Price, worth it.
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Minimal, Green, Sneki
Snek, RGB, style!
RGB mouse keyboard
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Badge +1
Price, worth it.

My kidney 😃