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[TotW] Worth its Weight in...Food?

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Someone is offering to barter a brand new BlackWidow V3 Pro. But, they don't want your money. They want food. What will you feed them for the keyboard? What is it worth to you?

Don't cheat either by offering the value equivalent. Off the top of your head, go!

I'd offer 10 In-n-Out Double-Doubles, 2 Large Blaze Pizzas, 25 Korean-Style Fried Chicken Wings and 2 Pints of Beer.

This is your Thread of the Week. Like and Comment for a random chance at the "Great" achievement. Two additional well thought-out answers will get the "Nice" achievement.

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I'll offer them mom's spaghetti
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holy molu i love this keyboard design..
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In keeping with the RGB on the Blackwidow V3 Pro, I'd give them two dozen rainbow bagels and two dozen rainbow cookies. Because RGB even on sweets and pastries is always a win.
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i would offer a freaking huge breakfast platter
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i would trade 100 giant toast with razer/sneki imprints on them!
Classic Big Mac, that's what a fat boy of gamer needs!!!
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Small chicken nuggets as the keycops~!
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Gonna offer my mom's menudo and my wife's bake mac and coffee jelly 🙂
I would offer caesar salad to make it healthier~
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"25 Korean-Style Fried Chicken Wings"
This will be hot and spicy
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There's a local pizza place called Jockamo Upper Crust, they make some wicked bomb-tastic pizza. I'd offer 4 custom large pizzas with smoked gouda, peppadew peppers & grilled eggplant (my custom order I always get), 4 large greek salads with creamy garlic sauce. It's mind blowingly good!

When I was in Ireland a couple of years ago I went to this place in Dublin that had all kinds of comfort foods, the name escapes me at the moment but it was a pretty cool little takeaway place. They had vegetarian kebabs that were to die for. I'd offer 12 of those bad boys as well.

There's a place in Asheville, North Carolina called The laughing Seed. They have a fantastic-out of this world hemp nut burger with potato salad. My woord! Paired alongside a fresh from the tap brew from the brewery downstairs (greenman brewery) it's one heck of a dish! I'd offer 3 of those as well!

I think by the time anyone got through all of these amazing dishes, they'd surrender that keyboard right on over, hahaha!
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Hm, i'm thinking the usually gamer likes fast food, cause you know being a gamer you don't really have time to cook for yourself so you buy it. Probably a pass to buy 1 free maxi meniu per day for like 2 week. I think that's a generous offer.
A huge buffet of all kinds of foods! Vegetables, fruits, meats, all of them!

On a personal take, I would like to order a lifetime supply of pancit canton, Filipino-style Spaghetti, dinuguan, adobo, sisig, sinigang, 7-Eleven food stuffs, shawarma, basically all the non-vegetables my province of Pangasinan, Philippines.

For deserts, so much to pick... Buko pie, Ube Deserts, puto, Fudgee Bars, Wattatops, Combie, Magic Crackers, Rebisco, Champorado, all the sweet kinds that are best eaten during a period of time between lunch and dinner in the afternoon known in the Philippines as merienda!

This is basically a cultural food exchange of Filipino thingies to an international audience for which the Razer Base mostly isn't aware of.

However you must exclude those that have Razer Sneki Sneks as they are a critically endangered species, as well as other endangered species. But honestly who care about the mainstream species, I want to obscure species to be saved too!
When will there be a new Cynosa Chroma Pro?
Hopefully can earn enough money this coming holidays...
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Hello friends,

If this challenge could be done in irl. ^ _ ^
I love to cook, I can almost all cook 100% home.
I think my Brownies, fruit pies, cookies, donut, vegetable / meat / fish pies, pizza, mixed salad, garnished tomato and avocado, marinated meat treat, French cheese that I will bring to the Razer Irvine premises would have a lot of success.

Plate, glass, washable cutlery to avoid pollution.

As a drink, I prepare a lemonade (2 oranges, one lemon and sugar for one liter of water), mineral water too.

But, I don't bring French wine, otherwise CEO Min-Liang Tan might get angry if you mess around while drunk. lol
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I like eat burgers, Hot dogs and meat pie in front on my keyboard.
Greek gyros. And lots of it.
I'd buy someone the entire stock of a grill house.
This thing is awesome, but no one out-pizzas the hut, so I'm gonna have to go with 3 large papa john's pizzas!
National cuisine, a lot of it. Shopski Cheese, Shopska salad, 3 meat balls with fries.
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I'm supposed to be controlling my diet.
this is not helping in any sense.
Gonna offer my mom's menudo and my wife's bake mac and coffee jelly
i would offer a freaking huge breakfast platter
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Just give them a big bowl of arabic rice with 1 whole lamb steak
Probably a selection of some of my favourite foods.

Rice Crakers for starters
Apple Pie and Custard
Zucchini Muffins
Egg Custard Tarts
Roast Chicken Dinner