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Travel Powerhouse Trophy not showing

Recently got a Razer Blade 15 advanced model from Razer Taiwan store and it shows up in the synapse 3 and product registration without any issues. However, it doesn't show under Insider profile and also doesn't award the trophy. Does anyone else have this issue as well?

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Are you using the same RazerID for Synapse and Insider? Also, did you register it for warranty here?. Sometimes achievements can take a while to register.
Thanks for helping Jenjar. Yup, they are all under same account and I also registered via Razer account same as link you provided and the system is visibility under the account.
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I hope that this has resolved itself for you already, however, please keep in mind that achievements / trophies can take a few weeks depending on when the various systems (such as synapse vs Insider) actually sync and share information.