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Two Orochi v2 mouses to one dongle orc v2

  • 23 August 2023
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Hello, I have Orochi v2 mouse and damaged the included dongle ORC v2, 2.4 (it doesn't work)

I decided to buy the new Orochi v2 for be able to use her dongle with 2 of my mouses. So I downloaded Razer Mouse Pairing Utility followed the instructions and couldn't connect my old mouse… pair failed...

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Once bound it’ll work with 1 mouse only. If you want to use the same dongle with another Orochi, then you must pair it again etc.

I assume you’ve used this tool to pair your mouse: ?

Also check what happens when you’ll connect dongle to a different port.

If it’ll fail again, then you can try to remove all Razer drivers with this tool: then restart your PC and try to pair it again (run the pairing tool as an administrator).