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What would you like to see next from Razer?

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I got the razer headphone stand for Christmas. And was pretty disappointed that the flat base with the razer logo was not a wireless charger.
Maby a version 2 of that would be cool.
A refresh on the wirelesss naga epic chroma would be an instant buy. More hyper-flux compatible mice would be sick too. And an update on the orbweaver that runs on synapse 3. I also really like the idea of a wireless TE keyboard.
Razer Gaming chair with chroma and speaker
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Why not have linux versions of your software? Steam boxes never quite took off, but we should still be able to have functional devices on freeware.

I wold like a new Razer Naga being released. One with Croma. The old one went out of stock.
My old naga 2014 is going to break soon and the Trinity is has a software bug that is crashing the entire PC.
So new Razer Naga is Must for the company.

Loyal cusotmer.
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Orbweaver with the purple switches used in the Huntsman.

YES! I totally agree with this but with a Gunmetal Grey color option for me. Actually, color options aside, I really just want a brand new Razer Orbweaver or Razer Keypad that both feature mechanical keys and is compatible with Synapse 3.

Not only are gaming keypads good for MMORPG, they are also very convenient for laptop gamers when on the go. It's about time for a new Orbweaver and hopefully it comes with Opto-Mechanical Switches. I am very interested in buying a new Razer Keypad and can't wait to pair it up with a Razer Blade 15 and Razer Naga.
Decals, stickers, badges and patches.

I know every Razer product comes with great high quality stickers - because I have purchased A LOT of Razer stuff ;-)

But PLEASE - sell a line of affordable Decals, stickers and patches. Sell the stickers that come with Razer products as a standalone item. Embroidery patches (you've had these in the past, but I haven''t seem them in stock for a Very Long Time). Case badges (typically they are 3/4"x3/4"). I think if you sold these items in the Razer Store for a reasonable price they would sell like crazy.

Aluminum USB Flash Drive / Thumb Drive

Make a quality USB Flash drive and sell it with a variety of storage space options at a reasonable price and it would sell well, I am confident. You could buy 200 32GB units from this site at $7.77/unit and easily sell them for $15 per unit and make a $1,446 profit on 200 units. I am confident something at that price point would sell like crazy, and you wouldn't have to do hardly anything. You could have them in stock in a week.
a razer motherboard
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

I have one suggestion and one suggestion only, we need a new version of the Wolverine controller (6 button version) and it absolutely NEEDS to be able to overclocked to 1000hz, being a company centred around PC gaming I know you guys must be able to do that, PlayStation controllers can be oc’d to 1000hz so I’m sure you guys will have no problem with it, I honestly thought your controllers would already because you have mice that can, so please, I’m begging, us PC controller players need that 1khz and currently that is the only negative I can give about the controller, other than that, every other aspect is far superior to everything else I’ve used

PLEASE, PLEASE release a smaller version of the Razer Naga. The original Naga that lasted me years was absolutely perfect for my dainty woman hands. The size was perfect, and I loved how there was a dip on the front end of each side of the mouse it was perfect for my fingertip grip. I went out to look at the new offerings when the left clicker started to give me problems and I can’t find any MMO mouse that’s an acceptable size for my small hands from any brand. Even the new Nagas are nothing like the original, they’re big and round, no more deep groove in the front for fingertip. I eventually settled for a Corsair Scimitar but it’s not working out, still too big and causing pain in my middle finger from strain. I found an original Naga new in box on eBay this morning and paid ENTIRELY too much for it. I still have the old Naga so I will also try and repair that one so I have a backup.

Slight update for my wish list :

I am still eager to see a RP3 when ROG Phone is still updated.
Looking at samsung, apple and co, RP2 is still on top imho.

I would certainly love to see a tablet, but if I have to put a number 2, it would be a 48'' OLED panel/screen. Chroma ready, no speakers in the body, full hdmi 2.1 and nvidia/amd compatibility for 1500 US price tag. max in refresh times and input lag.
Woudl go against LG OLED48CX and would certainly rock our world for next gen consoles.

I would love to see a nabu update, a wristband WITHOUT screen (because RP2, or RP3 or everybody having a phone), so it can be thinner than the competition.
What to make next:
I'd like to see a keyboard with dedicated media controls. It's what's holding me back from upgrading my Logitech of 10 years.

What do keep doing:
I have the Deathadder Elite and love it. Probably my favorite mouse I ever owned because of the ergonomic design. I bought a second for the office!
A gaming monitor with the best specs
They already made a watch:wink_:

Hmmm ive got the gear s3 ... the watch looks decent tho never knew they made one
What I would like to see, OK, testing the software rather than releasing it as a beta and letting us do all the work to get the new junk hardware to work as advertised. As of now, what beta means relative to this company, is that Razor does not test, they release junk software, that they know is flawed for many of the hardware products they sell, and is totally incompatible with the old stuff the old folks at razor made and sold with pride.
The new keyboards and may peripherals are junk, bad mushy keyboards and mice that require a special pad to work, occasionally. Pitiful. And a crapload of Trumpish BS to cloud the issue. (If you only knew what part of their collective anatomy that was pulled from...)
I understand the profit motive, but the new folks at razor appear to be con artists throwing pretty colors on cheap junk and selling it under the name of a once proud brand.
Just a pity. And good-bye.
As we're closing off the year and prepping for the new one, I'd love to hear from the community what new products you'd like to see in 2015. Let me know in the comments below!

ok i would like to see more apps for xbox like synapse 3 and more thing for iphone
A Razer Mamba with Optical sensor would be 10/10.

Also, more stores in Europe, Spain maybe? Because the webstore of Razer for Spain...Sucks a little to be honest. There arent offers and everything is so poor if you compare with the United States' page...
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am i a little to late for this post because i would love to see a razer desk with some led around it an headset hook and a cup holder
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A mechanical Razer Keypad that works with Synapse 3 is all I ask for. I just need a Razer Orbweaver V2 or a Razer Opto-Mechanical Keypad to create my setup.

Would be nice.
Also - a Vespula Chroma.
+1 Project Christine!!

Off-Topic: It would be nice to include Romania in the Reward compatible countries. Just saying ^-^.
Make Mercury white Laptop edition available to EU market too, not only USA limited edition ...
A refresh of the Blade Pro 17 :)))))))))))))
Razer shoes would be super awesome.
Razer Mamba/Lancehead Wireless with optical sensor and charging dock similar to the Mamba Chroma 2015. Just drop the laser sensor please!